Thursday, June 06, 2002 Stoddard/Inforetriever Update

Hello, Gary Ankney, author of, has an interesting
site you might want to check out. He offers help in choosing a PDA, and talks
about different applications, specializing on education. He has a table of PDAs
with features and prices. He has some excellent references to some projects
happening in education and also some links to software/ebook downloads.
Go to Thanks, Gary!

The June 2002 version of Inforetriever is now available and includes
the following updates:

"Version 4.2 of InfoRetriever has now been released. It includes updated
information for the Web, PocketPC and desktop computer version of our

- 17 new clinical decision rules:

Stroke: prediction of recovery
GI bleed: identification of low risk GI bleeds
Warfarin dosing in outpatients
Venous leg ulcer healing
Stroke: 5 year stroke risk
Canadian C-spine rule in trauma patients
Osteoporosis: need for bone density testing
GI bleed (upper): predicting need for intervention
Asthma relapse in adults
Predicting pressure ulcer development with Braden Score
Diarrhea: need for cultures in nosocomial diarrhea
Pulmonary fibrosis survival
Pneumonia: mortality in nursing home
Stroke: 30 day mortality
Acute MI: prognosis in non-ST elevation AMI
Acute MI: prognosis in ST elevation AMI
Heparin dosing by weight

- 81 new Cochrane Database Abstracts

- 374 new InfoPOEMs, including the addition of over 200 POEMs from 1994
1997 to the PocketPC version and
elimination of duplication between the InfoPOEMs and JFP POEMs

- Addition of a number of rules to PocketPC and desktop versions that
availble on one platform but not the

- Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor enhancements to the user interface

To download it, go to
If you are already a registered user, you shouldn't have to re-enter
PIN number, but just in case, make sure you have it handy (it is shown
the "home" screen of the desktop and PocketPC versions of
If your subscription has expired, you can renew it by going to our
website,, or by calling

We also wanted to update you on our progress in making InfoPOEMs and
InfoRetriever your total Clinical Awareness System. Your subscription
buys you more information than ever, delivered in more ways than ever.
Plus, we have some great new features planned for version 5.0 of
InfoRetriever that we want to share with you (release date September,

1. Each subscription now includes a daily InfoPOEMs update, which
automatically sends you one or two of the latest POEMs
via email. In only a few minutes per day you can keep up to date with
most relevant information. Each synopsis is written by a member of our
of experts, and carefully reviewed by our editorial board at the
of Missouri.

2. You can now take key part of InfoRetriever with you on your Palm,
Handspring, TRG, or Clie device! InfoRetriever for Palm includes nearly
clinical decision rules and our full diagnostic test and history and
physical exam database. As the Palm devices get more powerful, we'll
more features.

3. Version 5.0 of InfoRetriever for the PocketPC, desktop Windows, and
(release date September, 2002) will include a new streamlined interface
presenting search results, that lets you answer your questions more
than ever.

4. We're planning many new features for Version 5.0, including:

- over 20 new clinical decision rules (in addition to the 17 added to
just released version 4.2)
- direct links to patient education handouts on the AAFP Web site
- a photo atlas with over 550 images
- improved display of guidelines and tables
- compared with version 4.0, over 400 new Cochrane abstracts; over 350
InfoPOEMs summaries; and dozens of new
diagnostic tests, drugs, and practice guidelines.
- the 2003 edition of Griffith's 5 Minute Clinical Consult
- a direct link to the Lexidrugs database, for those users who have it
installed on their PocketPC or desktop computer

InfoRetriever now includes more information than ever, is still updated
every 4 months, and even costs less than it did
one year ago for individual subscribers! However, because so much of
information is time-sensitive, the InfoRetriever software will no
run after its expiration date. You'll get plenty of warnings when it's
to renew, and even a short grace period, as well as our pledge that
subscription prices will remain reasonable.

Thanks for your support, and please let us know if you have any ideas
how to make our software and service even better! If you have any
questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call us at 877-633-7636."

A limited Palm version is also available for free trial.

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Mari Stoddard, from the
University of Arizona Health Sciences Library this evening.
She is going to be the keynote speaker for our conference tomorrow.
She is going to be great! She is up on all the PDA trends, and I can't
wait to hear her speak. This weekend, I will share highlights of tomorrow's
PDA conference with you.

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