Tuesday, June 04, 2002

New products available through ovid@hand/unbound medicine

Hello! There are some new and exciting products available through Ovid@hand/
Unbound Medicine. Below is a press release from Fiona Wright, Product
Manager, Clinical Markets for Unbound Medicine.

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Library & Resource Center is using ovid@hand
through the grant project. So far, we have signed up about 60 users. Fiona Wright,
and our Ovid representative, Theresa Gernand will be at the Peoria PDA Conference
this Friday. I hope to see these new products in action and people attending the conference
will be able to ask questions.


New Drug Content and Clinical Decision Support Tools Now Available on Ovid@Hand - Ovid’s PDA Solution
NEW YORK, NY, May 17th, 2002 - Ovid Technologies announces the availability of 4 new content features on its personal digital assistant solution, Ovid@Hand: A to Z Drug Facts, Lippincott’s Nursing Drug Guide, and Drug Interaction Facts Multi-Check Module and MedWeaver Disease Profiles.
Ovid@Hand, powered by Unbound Medicine, is an innovative tool that allows busy clinicians, research professionals, and students to find fast, accurate answers to clinical questions, remember important searches relevant to patient care, and stay up-to-date with the latest in medical research, all from their PDA. Users have the convenience of requesting specific information, articles, or searches on their handheld, and hot-syncing to conduct their Ovid searches. Plus the latest tables of contents from a pre-selected personal library of leading medical journals available through Ovid can be reviewed at any time.
With the addition of these new resources, Ovid@Hand can now provide information about drugs, drug interactions and disease profiles, with this same level of convenience:
· A to Z Drug Facts is an ideal resource for students and practicing clinicians. Using either the alphabetical or therapeutic class index, quickly access 700 full drug monographs, covering over 3500 new and orphan drugs. Monographs are divided into pharmacological and patient care considerations, and include indications, dosages, and side effects.
· Lippincott’s Nursing Drug Guide is a must have for all student and practising nurses in classroom and clinical settings, including home care. Using either the alphabetical or therapeutic class index, users can access 900 full drug monographs, covering over 3600 medications. Each monograph provides comprehensive information regarding drug class; product availability; nursing management and adverse effects; IV facts; pharmacokinetics; and dosages for pediatric and geriatric patients, and patients with impaired kidney and hepatic function.
· The Drug Interaction Facts Module contains all of the drug-drug and drug-food interaction information busy clinicians need. This sophisticated multi-check module covers more than 20,000 brand and generic drugs and more than 70 therapeutic classes. Users can enter any number of medications, including combination drugs and foods, and quickly get all the 1-1 interactions, ranked based on severity.
· With MedWeaver Disease Profiles, users get immediate access to over 700 profiles of diseases and conditions, providing information on etiology, symptoms, associated terms & conditions, physician findings, etc. In addition, the disease profiles are integrated with MedWeaver on the Web – an online clinical resource that links a powerful differential diagnosis tool to Ovid MEDLINE® and authoritative websites.
"Every day there are new demands for my time and less and less time to spend helping patients. Having immediate access to the latest medical literature and up-to-date, evidence-based clinical information helps me enhance the care I can provide and assists in reducing potential medication errors,” says Denise Palmman, RN, Akron General Medical Center. Currently, users in the U.S., the U.K., Australia and Malaysia enjoy the benefits of this innovative personal digital assistant solution.
Ovid@Hand is powered by CogniQ™, Unbound Medicine’s mobile knowledge management platform. Unbound Medicine (www.unboundmedicine.com) develops next-generation knowledge management systems for healthcare. The company’s handheld and web-based technology platform and information architecture services help partners provide healthcare professionals with advanced systems for acquiring, managing, and sharing knowledge.
Ovid Technologies, a Wolters-Kluwer International Health & Science company, is a leading provider of electronic information to the scientific, technical and medical markets. Headquartered in New York, Ovid develops sophisticated search software for institutions and bundles this technology with full-text, bibliographic and summary content databases. Ovid software is used by thousands of prominent institutions worldwide, including public and private universities, library consortia, pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals and government agencies. For information, visit www.ovid.com.

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