Tuesday, September 17, 2002

New free ebooks on Australian ebook page

Bruce Preston has given me permission to post this announcement here: "Australian e-book site www.e-book.com.au is proud to announce the
release of it's free e-book web page:

This page presents links to and information concerning a huge number
of e-books available free on the Web. In most cases
they can be read online in their HTML version, while many can also
be downloaded as files to read offline on PCs, laptops,
handheld devices (Palms, Handsprings, Pocket PCs, Psions etc) or on
dedicated e-reader devices.

This resource is now freely available for public use, & libraries
may link directly to it if desired. Further entries will be added
progressively, with the aim of making the page the best of its kind
on the Web over time. This new page is the first stage in
the expansion of this site to a broad Australian e-book information
& resources site.

Headings are as follows: Best free Digital Libraries - Australia;
Best free Digital Libraries - World;
Other Free Australian Books; Other Free Book Sites/Pages in English;

World - Other Languages,Regional and National; Individual
Topics/Miscellaneous; Sacred Texts & Religion

PS:The image at the top is copyright, being the new site logo as
designed by Patrick Andres of Sydney (there is also an
animated version yet to be released)."

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