Tuesday, September 17, 2002

PDA version of PubMed and NLM pages available

Cate Canevari, Head of Education Services for the Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences, Virginia Commonwealth University has given me permission to post this exciting information to the blog website. To those of you who subscribe to the list, apologies for cross posting:
"Dr. Paul Fontelo at the NIH is seeking feedback for
the PDA version of PubMed and NLM Web pages he has
developed. He is trying find out how useful accessing
PubMed using a PDA/handheld device can be, especially
in the clinical setting. He imagines that this would
be most useful for someone wanting to search PubMed or
clinicaltrials.gov in a clinical setting with wireless
access, but it also works in offline mode by
hotsyncing via serial/USB.

The link to the PDA search page:

The link to the NLM page is:

After you sync/access the PDA search page, you should
get the "Feedback" link. Please complete the form and
submit. Send in any thoughts you have regarding the
general usefulness of this in the clinical setting as
well as possible enhancements that might be added
(such as limits, etc). If you are online, you should
get an acknowledgement right away. If you are offline
you will get the receipt after you sync. It will be in
"Forms Manager" for Palm OS users.

He is hoping to hear from people who try it and can
provide feedback. Please forward this message to
others who might be interested (PDA enhanced
clinicians, residents, nurses) with the caveat that
this is a test site and has not yet been announced to
the public. "

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