Wednesday, September 24, 2003

News about a new accessible handheld reading device!

The BookCourier is an all-new handheld audio reading device which is
perfect for print disabled students, executives, commuters or anyone who
loves to read! As you receive your new BookCourier, it is ready to
hold approximately 100 complete books from's rapidly growing
collection to listen to with the unit's built in text-to-speech. It
can also hold hours of MP3 audio files or a combination of both. Using a
BookCourier, can be your portable library.

Current Bookshare subscribers will receive a $40 discount off the
retail price of BookCourier when you purchase your unit from Technologies
for the Visually Impaired in New York. TVI may be contacted by writing
or by phone at (631) 724-4479. You will be asked to provide your User
ID from your current valid account. When you take
advantage of this discount offer, you will pay just $339.00 for your

The second offer is for BookCourier owners who have not yet subscribed
to When you are a U.S. resident subscribing to for the first time, you will receive a waiver of your $25 set up
fee. This brings your first year's cost to access the nearly 15,000
books available from to just $50. Read to your heart's
content! For details on this special offer, please see the
details at

Here are some more facts about BookCourier

BookCourier includes built in text-to-speech, a built-in MP3 player; a
built-in voice recorder; fast forward and fast reverse controls;
bookmarks, jumps, and other smart navigation controls; a built-in alarm,
sleep timer, clock, and calendar; plus easy-to-use controls for adjusting
volume, reading speed, and more. And if you have a question about a
feature, BookCourier's built-in talking help and talking user guide are
immediately at your service.

Powered by 2 AA batteries, BookCourier uses CompactFlash® storage for
files (from 8MB to 1 GB). The device also has a plug-and-play USB
connection for transferring files from the PC using the supplied PC software.
Finally, BookCourier is shipped with headphones and a pocket clip.

For more information about, please visit us at
To learn more about BookCourier, please go to

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