Thursday, September 25, 2003

PDAs and schools

This from Linda Robinson, Coordinator of Library Media Services at Mansfield Public School in Connecticut: "I subscribe to the Handheld Librarian and have been receiving your
emails--do you also have information for K12 schools exploring PDA use.
won a grant and have given all 180 of our 7th grade students m130
for this school year--If we are funding again next year another grade
also receive handhelds until we roll them out to the entire school. We
doing some great stuff in the classroom-----but we want to explore
for them--titles that are young adult or middle school and that they
check out of the school or public library--any ideas or information on
We already own the Palm Studio classics but the ebooks are not very
for a lot of our students."

Anybody in our group working with PDAs and schools? Cheryl, are you still out there? Thanks, have a great weekend!

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