Monday, November 03, 2003

Hip-Hop Technology - Computers in Libraries November/December 2003

Take a look at the Computers in Libraries November/December issue! There is an article on flash drives in an academic library by Daniel Fidel Ferrer and an article on using a blog for library news by Douglas Goans and Teri M. Vogel. Both of these articles are available in full text. Sharon Ruda, Tom Peters, and I have an article on our eAudio project - lending digital audiobooks to our visually impaired patrons on a small MP3 player - entitled "The Librarians' Quest: Transforming the Printed Word So That All May Read." The article is not full text on the Internet, but here is a brief description: "In the past, brave souls would go on quests, trying to win assistance and equality for people who deserved it. It's good
to know that's still happening today. Bands of librarians are toiling to make printed works more accessible for the impaired by seeking better formats for audiobooks. Here, they share their tales of success as well as word of what they haven't yet been able to overcome. " It is written in the spirit of a medieval quest to transform the printed word (like the philosopher's stone) and the librarian is the knight, slaying dragons and the like to provide access! Oh well, it was fun to write! And it is amazing how far we have come - the Otis players from we loaned out were smaller than the palm of your hand - and now there are more and more MP3 players coming out with 5, 10 and 20 mb hard drives to store music and books! It will be interesting to see how long MP3 players last with PDAs becoming more and more popular and powerful and multi-functional. Anyone care to make a prediction?

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