Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Factiva Upgrades Mobile Capability (Factiva press release)

New York (September 29, 2005) - Factiva®, a Dow Jones and Reuters Company, today announced that its Wireless Beta program, “Factiva Mobile”, is now available to all customers leveraging Factiva.com, Factiva SalesWorks™ and Factiva Companies & Executives™. It will provide time-pressed, mobile executives with access to business news and company information that will help them to more effectively prepare for sales calls, meetings, and business planning, anytime and anywhere.

“As Factiva continues to provide information where, when, and how our customers need it, mobile delivery has become an important part of our vision,” said Alan Scott, chief marketing officer at Factiva. “The capabilities offered by Factiva truly gives executives a competitive edge by arming them with the most current facts about their customers, prospects, competitors and markets.”

Compatible with BlackBerry® devices, Factiva Mobile for Factiva SalesWorks and Factiva Companies & Executives delivers snapshots of key information for more than 1.5 million companies worldwide, including company news, financials, contact details, executive lists, stock quotes, and more. (more...)