Friday, October 07, 2005

Why Libraries Matter: A Story Long OverDue - new animated audio ebook for libraries

Why Libraries Matter: A Story Long Overdue.

The Alliance Library System,, and TumbleBooks Inc are pleased to announce the launch of a new animated online book entitled "Why Libraries Matter: A Story Long Overdue."

The book, in both online and downloadable format, is available free to all public libraries and elementary schools in North America for use on their websites.
"Why Libraries Matter: A Story Long Overdue" is the charming tale, told in rhyming verse, of a young girl who shows her family and neighbors how important the library is to them and their community.

The link below is an example of what the icon will look like on your website. It will also give you the opportunity to view, download, and e-mail the book for yourself.

The project is the latest in a series of initiatives from the Alliance Library System who, last year, introduced the Libraries Matter campaign ( ) to public libraries across the world.

"We wanted to raise awareness," says Kitty Pope, Executive Director of Alliance, "and thought, what better way than to produce a book about 'Why Libraries Matter'? One of Alliance's main goals is to develop webcontent for our members." So Ms. Pope amd her team contacted TumbleBooks Inc., a company which specializes in creating animated, taking picture books for their online collection, TumbleBookLibrary, which is used by over 2000 public libraries and elementary schools across the world.

"We're a TumbleBookLibrary subscriber," explains Pope, "and we just love TumbleBooks. We thought it would be a perfect way to publish and distribute the book."

The result is an animated, talking picture book which can be viewed online, downloaded, and even e-mailed to friends and family. Alliance and TumbleBooks are providing the book for free to public libraries and elementary schools. It is the first in a series of awareness and fundraising projects Alliance and TumbleBooks will be collaborating on.

To receive "Why Libraries Matter: A Story Long Overdue" for your website, or for more information about the book and campaign, contact:

Ron Zevy
TumbleBooks Inc
(416) 781-4010
Sandy Albrow
Alliance Library System
(309) 694-9230