Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ultra Mobile Personal Computers

Full function mini-computers such as the OQO have created a big enough buzz that Microsoft has gotten into the game. They have had a very high profile secret project, code named Oragami, which was just unveiled in early March.

We’ve heard Bill Gates’ call for a less expensive, lighter and more functional mobile computer, and this is Microsoft’s answer – the ultra mobile personal computer, or UMPC – just rolls off the tongue, huh?

Like the ultra pc’s, the ultra mobile pc’s have full pc and internet capabilities. They offer anytime connectivity with access to email, im, voip.

They can also provide location adaptability – personalized info and services based on location; environment recognition, that is, providing different interaction with the user and with other devices depending on whether you are in your living room or your car.

Different flavors will be hitting the market soon, but the underlying baseline physical specs are:
Windows xp tablet, which will be upgraded to Vista
7” or smaller diagonal display (like a paperback); 800x480 resolution
Wifi and bluetooth
60 gig hard drive; 2 Usb ports
2 lbs or less; $599-$999