Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to Make Your Cellphone Act Like a BlackBerry (NYT)

When you whip out a BlackBerry or a Treo in public, what does it say about you?

You might think that it says: “I’m an important person who can’t afford to be out of touch. I can do e-mail all day long, and I’ll never miss that critical deal.”

But people around you might be thinking, “Look at that huge, clunky phone,” or “Man, I’d hate to see your monthly bill,” or even, “If you whip out that infernal machine at the dinner table one more time, I’m filing for divorce.”

The thing is, it really can be handy to stay in touch with your e-mail when you’re out and about. Not obsessively — you CrackBerry addicts know who you are — but maybe just a peek now and then.

Fortunately, you no longer need a Treo or BlackBerry to enjoy that luxury. Three new services — from Google, Yahoo and Teleflip — can deliver your e-mail messages directly to ordinary nonsmart cellphones.

The really good news is that all three are free. The really bad news is that each is severely compromised in one way or another. (more. . .)

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