Thursday, May 24, 2007

NYPC General meeting: The Sony Reader and Visual Aids for the "Hard of Seeing", Thurs. May 24th

The Sony Reader has been described as an iPod for books. Its screen uses E Ink technology and looks more like a book than a computer display. The Reader is much easier on the eyes than a computer screen, and you can enlarge the fonts. It is great for anyone who likes to read and wonderful for people whose eyes are not as good as they used to be.

Sony and National Association for Visually Handicapped will both be on hand to make presentations.

NAVH will talk about their organization, discuss what types of software and hardware are available and show devices that help people with poor vision read normal books, newspapers, etc. The local distributor for these devices, CTech, will be on hand to demo the devices and answer questions.

Sony will demo the Reader and discuss e-books. The Reader is about the size of a trade paperback, but thinner and lighter. It uses the battery only when changing the page, so battery life is measured in page turns rather than hours of usage. You can go for days or weeks without recharging, depending on use. It is great for travelers or anyone who wants to carry a number of books.

The Reader can display Sony's own proprietary XML based format as well as RTF and PDFs. It will also play MPEG audio, but this drains the battery more quickly. Sony's Connect e-book store sells over 13,000 books of all types. They are adding more every week. More . . .

6:00 PM Doors open
6:45 to 7:45PM NAVH Presentation
7:45 to 8:45PM Sony Presentation

At PS 41. 116 West 11th Street (just West of 6th Avenue) Google Map*

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