Friday, June 22, 2007

Admin: Spam and Contributors

A user named "Big Tom" somethow took over the login for one of the contributors to this blog and started posting spam. I've deleted that user and the posts he put up. (Maria, change your passwords asap).

I've also deleted a number of users who have not logged in via the new Google system. Your posts have not been deleted. If you're a past contributor and need an invite back to the blog, please email me at the address in my Blogger profile.

The spammer also embedded some links in the template which I haven't been able to remove yet., (scroll to the bottom). I'd appreciate some help in trying to remove it. I'll probably just have to switch out templates and add the widgets back.

Also, you can help by flagging the spam blogs- click on each those links and then flagging it by clicking on the link at the very top of the page that says "Flag Blog."


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